On Christmas Eve, there was a fire at the home of the owner of Simply Frames. Everyone got out OK, but the garage and car are a total loss, and the back wall of the house is burnt up. There had been other fires in the same neighborhood at around the same time, so there is an investigation of suspected arson.

Please send along your well-wishes, good thoughts, and business our way. We can really use it now in this difficult time.
12/28/2011 02:13:45 am

Hi. I am the founder of a small church group that has raised $1,000 for your owner and family. We saw the devastation of their home and just wanted to help in whatever way we can. It's not much, but we wanted to give it to them. How do we contact them?

russell miner
1/4/2012 12:44:34 am

w'll help all we can

Lynn Kolloen
9/11/2012 06:28:33 pm

I have known Elvira and Myron since the early 1970s. I live in Las Vegas and have been calling them with no answer. Became concerned and contacted a mutual frried. He went to their house and saw the results of the fire. We don't know how to get a hold of them. Please have them e-mail me their contact number.


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